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Early access to all our deals before we list them on our platform.

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Tokenized Vehicle Setup

Apply to set up tokenized fundraising vehicle for your own projects.

* To be approved, your project must meet our deal requirements and has an additional cost



We can tokenize your investment idea as an SPV or fund and help you raise money through our investment community.

* We charge a fundraising fee.


Network Introduction

We facilitate networking through active matchmaking between you and other members you should meet based on your background and preferences

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By investing together you get access to private market deals that normally require high minimum tickets or are hard to find alone.

Deals are introduced by community members. Based on your data, you will only be introduced to deals relevant to you or find the deals on our platform.

Network Introduction

Engagement with Finpeers grants access to a global network of private market investors.

Using investor data, we match investors and opportunities to foster growth and value.

We commit to privacy; your data and identity are safeguarded and used solely within the community. Introductions are curated, ensuring relevance and discretion.

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