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Our community comprises family offices, HNWIs, and other private market investors. Deals are sourced from our network, enabling co-investment among members. By pooling capital, we access exclusive opportunities otherwise unattainable individually.

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We coordinate strategic investor pairings, aligning data and preferences. Tailored to your investment profile, we connect you with members and deals that match your interests.
Trust & Privacy

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Every member is subject to KYC and AML verifications, guaranteeing a secure and reliable network of investors. Your contact details and data remain confidential, shared only with your explicit permission.
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Our platform streamlines fundraising by establishing tokenized vehicles, enabling engagement with a global cohort of investors.
Digital expertise

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Digital distribution, tokenization, and acquiring customers online are the future of finance. Finpeers, with our tokenized infrastructure and digitally savvy team, equips members to navigate and thrive in this new digital era.
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We regularly disseminate insights into the private equity and security token sectors, including expert interviews, industry knowledge, and other valuable content.

Our Vision:

Finpeers aims to revolutionize private equity as the world's largest community-owned Limited Partner, fusing traditional investment with digital innovation.

Our Mission:

We strive to be the premier platform for efficient fundraising, leveraging technology and transparent practices to empower a global community of investors.

Join us to make the financial industry better. Together, we can make a difference.

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